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Hi, this is Angela Aim. Welcome to the Link of Light, a.k.a. Angela's Healing Art!


I am 110% committed to the work that I am placed here to do and I am fully devoted to it because it is a breath of life and an inspiration in my personal journey! Doing this work is like being in a fairytale surrounded by magical images and kind spirits of light. 

My mission is to serve the source of Life and help others to heal and grow in their journey.

We are all different and each and every one of us is unique.

Your fingerprints will never be duplicated by anyone else. The iris around your eyes has its own distinct design and color. We each have our own exclusive mission in life as well.

In fact, there has never been a single person like you, nor is there ever any possibility that another will come again.

You have everything to gain when you schedule a session with me and discover how to live to your fullest potential.

If you are ready to speak your truth, take risks, reclaim your power and go after what you want most in life, I encourage you to schedule a session or take one of my workshops. You will notice immediate changes begin to manifest in your life.

Our first consultation over the phone is free and it will help you to determine if the work that I do will meet your expectations and serve your needs. I also offer personalized programs to assist you on the path of your spiritual evolution. Please inquire about date and time availability. The workshops that I teach designed for beginners as well as advanced students who desired to progress further in their quest for new knowledge.

The most popular workshops that I teach are Releasing the Core Fear, He + She = Love, Mastery of Channeling or How to Get to Know your Masters and Teachers, Soul University Empowerment Program, Intro into the world of Magic for Children.

Long Distance sessions available by requests.


Education and Training


Angela Aim is a graduate of Kairos Institue of Sound Healing, Light Workers Association of Las Vegas, Sedona Shamanic School, and Power Brain Center of NY. Angela also has a Master's Degree in Education, Psychology and Business. 

Angelic Guidance

 Please note that during our session, spontaneous healing may occur in the form of relief of physical symptoms, emotional relief or spiritual enlightenment. Keeping your expectations open and trusting the universe is the best way to achieve maximum benefits.