"Angela truly has a gift. Her intuition guides your individual healing process. She guided me through skilled meditations and had me release connections that were holding me back in my life. Angela gave me tools to calm my busy mind and to connect to my higher self. These are life-altering tools that I continue to use regularly. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed."  Jennifer R, NY

"Truly honest and comforting. With all the scam artists out there, she presents you with honest results with no obligation to go on with more services unless you want to. I trust her." Rebecca S,  NY

"During our Shamanic Soil Retrieval Session, Angela helped me to reconnect to a part of my soul I had left in a journey to the underground! I still don't know how and why, but it is clearer now where I am going with it! Thanks, Angela." Luciano L, NY

"Early this winter, I had a Reconnective healing session with Angela that exceeded my best expectations! Starting the first 5 minutes of our session I felt warm sensation running my body from head to toes. The feeling of peace was just melting inside of me. I saw bright purple color right in front of my eyes changing to shimmering gold. Then I just let go and forgot where I was. When we were done I couldn't stop smiling, feeling light and happy just like in my childhood. I would recommend a try out a session to anyone who doubts the power of energy healing!" Nedivah K, NY

"My session with Angela: After many of life's interruptions, I was blessed to finally have a session with Angela after a life changing event over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Her gently approach to very sensitive topics made me feel at ease with her. She instinctively knows how to calm a person down while helping them receive the messages that they need to hear. Our session was done over the phone, with her in NY and me in Florida. The connection was natural and uplifting. She lovingly spoke to me about loving myself and forgiving those who hurt me, including myself. She gave me the comfort in knowing that I am not alone and that my guides are always there, waiting for me to reach out to them, with no judgment what so ever. It is very easy to forget to love yourself when life gets in the way. I was comforted to know that the help that I need is readily available; if only we dare to ask and then be open to receiving it. There are no topics that cannot be discussed withAngela and am I blessed that our paths have crossed. Once you meet or speak to her, you will realize that everything she does is done out of love and passion. It is no coincidence that she was named Angela; she is truly one of the few angels that we can see." Elise, FL

"When I broke my leg, Angela was my greatest help. I was hospitalized for several days and had to have surgery; and her Reiki helped make the process less agonizing. She relieved the stress on my body, and soothed the tension in my head after the surgery. She helped me feel alive again in body, mind, and spirit. While doctors and hospital staff could only offer medication, Angelagives something beyond that, something truly helpful. She gives herself; empathy and compassion, and that is what makes her a great Reiki Master." Julia, NY

"I had only known Angela for 20 minutes and she gave me an extremely insightful and accurate read of my character as well as of some fundamental ways of functioning by just looking at my face.  Her accuracy was surprising!  I would recommend just speaking with her as an entree to bigger healing." Patricia, NY

"Thank you for the wonderful experience into spiritual world, it was something special, I felt as I was a part of the Shamanistic ritual in a way. I can certainly relate now, why you chose that field. Thank you for great advices and insight into life  May your inner dream become reality." Isabella, NY

"I attended one of Angela's workshops: Releasing the Seed Fear. Attending this workshop was a turning point in my life. We have done tremendous work together; I got rid of the long time phobia that was following me due to a chronic stress situation. Not only that, I also met very nice people at that workshop that are still my support group. I would like to encourage anyone who wants to improve their life, go for it!" Peter, NY